To support Irish traditional arts and sports, donate here

Banjo Burke Memorial Fund

Has 3 separate accounts so you can specify which purpose you want to support:

Parkinson's Research Fund

To support Parkinson's Research, donate here

Irish Traditional Arts and Sports

General Fund

To let us decide how your gift is used, donate here. All the money for fund raising and paying the expenses of running the corporation has to come from this account. We also can put funds into the other two funds, but we can't take money from them to the General Fund. If no one donates here, we would soon be among the missing.

When you donate online, a small percentage of your donation will go to the online donation handler. If you want us to get it all, you can mail a check to Banjo Burke Memorial Fund, PO Box 32, Addison, NY 14801. Make it payable to Banjo Burke Memorial Fund and write on the memo line which Fund it should go to.

Banjo Burke Memorial Fund is a registered charity in New York State. Donation requests are directed to residents of New York State and other states that do not require registration. A copy of our latest annual report may be obtained, on request, from us or from the office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, New York 10271.